8 Common Website Mistakes

Why am I giving this report away for free?

Like any good hippie I love to share with my online tribe. Also, my aura gets a little crushed when I see a website that hasn’t been updated since the time before Lululemon graced yogis and soccer moms with stretchy leggings.

I know there are millions of web designers out there. Of course, not all can speak your language or translate geek-speak into hippie-talk. Like a sherpa guiding you along, my monthly newsletter and this report can help your business and your website. You’ll learn how we can offer a helping hand, give you clarity, or help you become an online rockstar.

Think of this report as a way to kick the tires on a virtual VW van.


“I loved your ‘8 Common Website Mistakes Report.’ Not only was it full of tips I could start to implement right away, but it also had me chuckling and was rich with practical information. It provided me with a roadmap to evolve and future-proof my website. I no longer feel embarrassed and ashamed about it. Your report gave me peace of mind and made me feel excited about my website and my business.”

Devina Singh, RSW