Running any small business can be a challenge. Doing it with heart; even more so.

Some of the hurdles include:

  • Marketing your solutions in a noisy modern world
  • Leveraging technology without the overwhelm
  • Creating and innovating on a busy schedule

We understand these struggles and more. We know your website has to work for you, for your business and for the community you serve. We are well-versed in the world of websites, WordPress, and other techno tidbits.

We can help you fully integrate and align your heart, vision, uniqueness and message into a website that perfectly represents you and your business.


If you desire a “feel-good,” successful website that really speaks for you and resonates with your ideal customers, you are in right place.

“From our very first contact, I found Casper a good listener, and he responded using digital resources beyond my capacities matching my vision. We worked together over a number of months exchanging ideas and shaping the creative expression.

When I look at the website I am very aware and grateful for Casper’s hand in its architecture- I could not have done it alone- and yet when others see it, they say it sounds and looks just like me.

I cannot imagine a better outcome.”

Barry Portney / barryportney.com

How We Create a
“Heart-Centered Aligned Website”


Great Design Begins With Great Ears

Listening is the first step. It’s where observation and analysis come into play and where research of your company, your offerings and your competition combine to tell a truly unique story.

Our conversation will include exploring questions like: Who is your ideal customer? What do you want people to do specifically on your website? What are the top three measurable goals of your business?

Our discovery process ultimately delivers three perspectives: yours, your customers’, and our professional insight. With this understanding, we can offer personalized recommendations that support your goals.


Alignment / əˈlīnmənt /. Integration /ˌintəgrāshən/.

These are not just hippy-dippy, new age words. They’re all about the right images, integrated with the right words, the right phrases, and the correct placement.

When your values, passions, messages, marketing, and website are in alignment, something powerful happens. You will have created the best conditions for an authentic, clear and compelling message that truly resonates with your ideal customers, inspiring them to engage with you.


We Are Better Together

Like any healthy relationship, open communication, and honest feedback is vital for a successful outcome. Every project is a unique partnership.

Strategic planning, detailed exploration, and feedback throughout the design process help ensure a successful project. Collaboration is something we incorporate every step of the way.

Explore Our Website Packages

If our approach resonants with you, please explore our website packages, discover our specialities and custom website solutions.

Help is here! Our report will reveal today’s eight most common website blunders. It will help you identify and clarify where your website may be out of alignment. You will also receive practical advice on how to clarify your message, connect with your tribe and get your website’s groove back.