Barry Portney

Case Study

The Back Story

Barry had gone through the Heart of Business’s Foundations I & II programs (Heart-Based Business Building and Marketing) and was ready to create an online presence for his coaching practice. For this project, we partnered with Maggie Dennison a copywriter and editor extraordinaire. She used Barry’s homework he had done in the Foundations programs and turned it into compelling content that truly reflects who Barry is, what he does and speaks to his tribe.

Project Details

Web Design


Mobile Friendly Design

Web Hosting


MailChimp Integration

Stripe Integration

Website Maintenance

Project Results

Barry’s site is a great example of partnership. After creating an attractive an functional design, we collaborated with the copywriter and editor extraordinaire, Maggie Dennison. She relied upon the course work Barry had completed and transformed it into compelling content. The site lovingly reflects who Barry is, what he does and communicates it effectively to his audience.

“Facing website design, I carried a fragile vision, some copy, and a determination for my work to be seen more broadly. I needed to share this vulnerability with someone who would collaborate and inspire greater confidence, clarity and aesthetic expression.

From our very first contact, I found Casper a good listener, and he responded using digital resources beyond my capacities matching my vision. We worked together over a number of months exchanging ideas and shaping the creative expression.

When I look at the website I am very aware and grateful for Casper’s hand in its architecture- I could not have done it alone- and yet when others see it, they say it sounds and looks just like me.

I cannot imagine a better outcome.”

Barry Portney /
Barry Portney Case Study

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