Nurture Health and Wellness

Case Study

The Back Story

Maureen recently purchased Nurture Health & Wellness. Along with the new business, came the company’s aging website. As time went on, Maureen started feeling more and more out of alignment with the website and began actively avoiding utilizing the site.

When the decision was made to redo the site, Maureen quickly found herself overwhelmed in a sea of options. She needed someone who could answer all of her questions and concerns, understand the energetics of the website she desired, and make her vision a reality. Maureen crossed paths with one of our lovely clients in Calgary who felt we’d be the perfect fit for her needs. Maureen reached out to Websites for Hippies, and we experienced a wonderful synergy from the start.

Project Details

Web Design

Mobile Friendly Design

Speed optimization



Hosting & Maintenance

Project Results

We immediately felt we were in sync with Maureen and her vision for her health-focussed business. Perhaps this was due to Casper’s previous training as a Registered Nutritionist, or his short stint selling vitamins at Whole Foods. Whatever the case, the project came together with grace and ease. Maureen now has a website that she’s proud of: a site that matches her vision, has an authentic “feel”, and is ready to grow along with her business.

I was feeling the strong pull to revamp the website of my business. It was created for the previous owner over three years ago. Even though I was ready for a change, and had been for many months, I  felt lost in a sea of options. Where to begin? Who do I choose to bring forward my website into full alignment with my vision? I felt overwhelmed. Technology isn’t really my thing. I’m a healer!

Casper was recommended to me by a friend who had utilized his services.  I loved her website and my intuition said YES! I really had no idea where to start or what it was that I actually wanted. I knew how I wanted it to feel but that was about it. Casper and I had a discussion on the phone to explore the options and see if we were a fit. He knew exactly what questions to ask and from there was able to articulate my vision.

My website was created in a timely manner. Casper communicated clearly with me on an ongoing basis. I knew exactly what he was doing every step of the way. I was fully supported. His work exceeded my expectations. He nailed it! He created the most beautiful, high vibe, website!

In addition to his web design skills, Casper creates from the heart. This becomes obvious as you work with him and see the end result. I believe this is what really sets him apart from other web designers. He loves his work.

In addition to creating my website I have chosen to engage his services for ongoing maintenance and support. I have no doubt that this will be a great partnership. I highly recommend Casper!

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