Susan Bensen Energy and Sound Healing

Case Study

The Back Story

Susan needed a website, one that would spread the word about her energy and sound healing business, bring clarity to her service offerings, and inspire a sense of trust and credibility with her ideal clients.

Project Details

Web Design



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Project Results

We custom designed a mobile-first website for Susan that clearly explains her offerings and allows her to connect with her ideal clients.

I’d been working on the writing for my website for about two years, and was beginning to think I would never get it done. I had looked into various ways I could put my site together, including taking one of the many courses that are available to learn how to “do it yourself,” and going the Weebly or Squarespace route. I’m so thankful that I finally found Casper (Websites for Hippies) through Heart of Business.

From the very beginning, I knew that working with Casper was the best decision I could have made. He was patient, kind and understanding from the first moment we spoke, and very clear about how our work together would go. Our initial conversation and the guide he sent me to fill out were both very helpful, both in clarifying what I wanted for my site, and in setting up a clear framework for the schedule, fees, and process. Casper has the winning and rare combination of technical skill, creative and graphics talent and ability, patience and a clear and reasonable structure for working with clients. And he has a great personality!

The completion of my website took longer than I thought it would, as I had no knowledge of how long it should take. I do know that I’m very detail-oriented and can sometimes be nitpicky. Working through the details of my website was no different. I was constantly writing to Casper to fix and tweak various small details, and kept thinking that pretty soon he was going to put his foot down and get annoyed with me, both for the constant fixes I was requesting and for the project taking so long. But he didn’t. He was infinitely patient, clear and helpful with his replies, always working quickly to correct whatever the issue was.

I truly valued having Casper to bounce ideas off of. Ours was a fun and collaborative process. I constantly sent him graphics ideas and stock photo ideas. I also had a basic vision for how I wanted my layout to look. His feedback was invaluable, educating me about all kinds of aspects of web design I didn’t know about. Not only did he recommend an excellent graphic artist to do my logo, and someone to edit my writing, but he went over my writing and logo drafts himself, and gave me excellent suggestions.

I’m also grateful that Casper’s packages include follow-up help that will teach me how to make corrections to my site. I can imagine that we’ll continue working together in whatever follow-up capacities are necessary for my site. It feels good to know his support will be there.

I can’t recommend Casper enough! He helped me complete the website I never thought would be finished, and it was a joy to work together. Thanks, Casper!

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