Your Sacred Jewel

Case Study

The Back Story

Daniela discovered Websites for Hippies through the Heart of Business’s Foundations I & II programs (Heart-Based Business Building and Marketing). She reached out to us and we instantly clicked during our first conversation.

Project Details

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Project Results

We custom crafted an online home for Daniela that highlights her personal journey and showcases her unique, and profound work.

“This was my first go at a website, and honestly, I had always been a little weary of creating a site because technology and all this internet stuff just isn’t something I am good at. I found Casper through the Heart of Business Foundations II course because it was there that I learned how to move the deep information I wanted to convey to my people, my clients from out of my heart and mind and onto the screen.

When I met Casper, I instantly connected with him. I resonated straight away with his kind and gentle heart and then with his understanding of the kind of message and energy I wanted my site to reflect.

He really got me, my energy, my message and the beauty that I so wanted my site to have. I believe Casper has the gift of connecting in with his client’s essence in order to bring their vision to completion.

He was quick to pick up on the spiritual quality and beauty that I wanted to bring into the site with a not so easy subject – the healing of lingering painful childhood events in present day adult life.

And, I also knew it wasn’t easy to find someone that was so skillful with their work as Casper is and have them resonate so incredibly with your own essence. I feel really lucky to have been able to work with him through an endless amount of refining, corrections and tiny details that he has always been so graciously open to working with me through. This has been priceless.

And, he has very willingly given me his time, endless patience and generosity of spirit even through the technical stuff that has been so difficult for me to understand. This has so helped me feel more confident in getting my site up on line without worrying that I’m alone if I get stuck.

The end result is that I have a website that I absolutely love, it’s simple and straightforward, and it is beautiful and expresses my work in a way that is light, beautiful and real….. and funny enough, many people who know me have said, this is so you!

If you want to have a website that truly reflects the work you love to do, then hire Casper. You will love his work!”

Daniela Mannucci /

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