Love and Praise From Our Clients

Sarah Grace Powers – Coach, EFT Practitioner, Writer

Working with Casper was a dream! I had some trepidation about redoing my website because I’d heard some horror stories about how difficult it could be to transmit your needs and desires to a web designer, and how unresponsive they could be. I had created my first website by myself, and it was sorely in need of an update and an upgrade.

I know I can be particular, and I worried that my web designer would be frustrated or not understand my needs. I also worried about them being unresponsive or dropping my project and it taking way too long.

But, I had the opposite experience with Casper. In the beginning, he took time and care to explain what he could do for me. He patiently and thoughtfully listened to my ideas, he gathered information and helped me so much with finding images and other needed items. He was quick to respond to emails and questions and to provide answers and resources. When I was sometimes the one who was slow with getting the copy to him, he was patient and pleasant.

I loved the fact that he would take the time to train me on managing the back end of the site myself once we reached completion. When that time came, he made it super easy for me to understand the workings.

The end of the process could have been so stressful. There were so many last-minute things to do! Casper was unbelievably responsive and helpful, going over and above in supplying me with resources and information to get the job completed and looking fabulous.

I am so grateful that I was led to choosing the perfect web designer! I can wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone that needs a new website, or their website redone.

Sarah Grace Powers / Coach, EFT Practitioner, Writer

Susan Mitchell – ‎Reiki Master and practitioner


I badly needed a website overhaul. Through serendipitous connections, I landed on Casper’s doorstep.

Casper has created a framework that skillfully guides the client and designer as co-creators through a process of visioning, creating, and manifesting the website each of us dreams of.

Casper is kind, intuitive, and trustworthy. He avoids techie jargon. When I didn’t understand something, I never hesitated to ask him to re-explain.

As soon as I started working on the website guide, I began having fun—choosing color palettes, analyzing what still worked on my site, checking out websites to help me clarify the design.

As we got deeper into it, I spent hours and days searching for photos. I had no idea how much I could convey about Reiki practice through images. This was an exciting process. Casper was there to make suggestions and offer guidance when I was unsure about content or whether an image communicated what I was after. The layout on a few pages was challenging, and it was a thrill to see a page come together and to delight in Casper’s creativity.

I can’t say enough about Casper’s patience. In the later stages of the process, I was very particular. My requests were always met with kindness, humor, and speediness.

It was a joy to work with Casper and to find that a project I initially dreaded was a pleasure.

Jaana Siltasalmi – Shiatsu Instructor and Practitioner

Casper created exactly the right feel for my website. He tuned in to my wishes and created something I really love. Very creative, very intuitive, listening carefully, understanding easily what I mean. The website is in an other language (Dutch), but that seemed not to be an issue at all. I find it the most beautiful website ever and it is mine! I am so grateful. It is touching me deeply! I think selling will not be any problem for my business from now on. Thank you, Casper.

Joan Coughlin – Holistic Health Coach

I knew I would need someone to design the website for my new business, so I started looking around locally and then online. As a Holistic Health Consultant, I thought if I could find someone who understood the holistic field, all the better. After talking to a couple of people and emailing a few others, Casper was the obvious choice.

Casper’s understanding of the holistic field, marketing background and obvious gift for website design made him the perfect person to design my website. He got in touch with me right away, answered all my questions in such a friendly and kind manner that he immediately put me at ease.

He also guided me through the whole process thoroughly. When I got stuck with some of the wording, he was very encouraging, and between his guidance and a helpful booklet he sent along, it all came together.

His patience with me picking out the pictures for the site was amazing. I have to admit I went back and forth many times because I wanted the website to have just the right feel to it and he completely understood that. He also made many helpful suggestions, which I’m grateful for.

I would highly recommend Casper to design your website, whatever your business might be because he will deal with you respectfully, kindly and the end, you will have a website you are truly proud of.

Joan Coughlin / Holistic Health Coach

Debbie Flynn – Debbie Flynn Photography

Casper, you are a true professional who takes great pride in your work. You were readily available for changes and questions and communicating. You listened closely to what I was looking for and delivered. You came highly recommended, and I knew even before then what an excellent job you would do for my website.

Thank you for all the care and attention. I feel the website highlights my offerings and photography clearly and beautifully. Thank you for bringing your heartfulness, spirituality, and way of serving the world into the website.

The website speaks to me and feels like an extension of how I help others through photography. It’s beautiful, and I’m very proud to be able to share this with others. Thank you for all your help. So grateful you designed my website.

Kim Balstad – The Aum Nation Wellness Directory

Choosing Websites For Hippies to create my new website was one of the very best decisions I have made for my business!

Creating a new website can be a daunting and intimidating endeavor but Casper Blackwell, with Websites For Hippies, made the whole process easy and enjoyable! From the very beginning he was able to help me fine tune my vision for the site, and throughout the process, his expertise and skill guided us to the awesome final product.

Casper was an absolute joy to work with. He always responded in a very timely manner to my emails and calls. Casper is one of the friendliest, most delightful, people you will ever work with! I highly recommend Websites For Hippies for all of your website needs. I feel very blessed that I found Websites For Hippies for my business and I know that you will too!

Kim Balstad / The Aum Nation

Susan Bensen – Energy and Sound Healing

I’d been working on the writing for my website for about two years, and was beginning to think I would never get it done. I had looked into various ways I could put my site together, including taking one of the many courses that are available to learn how to “do it yourself,” and going the Weebly or Squarespace route. I’m so thankful that I finally found Casper (Websites for Hippies) through Heart of Business.

From the very beginning, I knew that working with Casper was the best decision I could have made. He was patient, kind and understanding from the first moment we spoke, and very clear about how our work together would go. Our initial conversation and the guide he sent me to fill out were both very helpful, both in clarifying what I wanted for my site, and in setting up a clear framework for the schedule, fees, and process. Casper has the winning and rare combination of technical skill, creative and graphics talent and ability, patience and a clear and reasonable structure for working with clients. And he has a great personality!

The completion of my website took longer than I thought it would, as I had no knowledge of how long it should take. I do know that I’m very detail-oriented and can sometimes be nitpicky. Working through the details of my website was no different. I was constantly writing to Casper to fix and tweak various small details, and kept thinking that pretty soon he was going to put his foot down and get annoyed with me, both for the constant fixes I was requesting and for the project taking so long. But he didn’t. He was infinitely patient, clear and helpful with his replies, always working quickly to correct whatever the issue was.

I truly valued having Casper to bounce ideas off of. Ours was a fun and collaborative process. I constantly sent him graphics ideas and stock photo ideas. I also had a basic vision for how I wanted my layout to look. His feedback was invaluable, educating me about all kinds of aspects of web design I didn’t know about. Not only did he recommend an excellent graphic artist to do my logo, and someone to edit my writing, but he went over my writing and logo drafts himself, and gave me excellent suggestions.

I’m also grateful that Casper’s packages include follow-up help that will teach me how to make corrections to my site. I can imagine that we’ll continue working together in whatever follow-up capacities are necessary for my site. It feels good to know his support will be there.

I can’t recommend Casper enough! He helped me complete the website I never thought would be finished, and it was a joy to work together. Thanks, Casper!

Jen Campbell – Jen Campbell Yoga

Working with Casper was both truly enjoyable and easy. He was always responsive, kind, clearly knowledgeable and helpful. I have never created or needed a website before, and Casper was there every step of the way. The choices that were given in terms of building out, as well as pricing were clear, and reasonable. Once I agreed to use Websites for Hippies, a guide and questionnaire arrived. This guide was our first real orientation in working together and was extremely helpful in pulling together all of my ideas as well as gaining more clarity on what I was seeking. Over the months of working together (I’m not exactly quick in my decisions or turnarounds,) we had an easy relationship. Casper was very responsive and quick with answers to questions and help in solving problems. Also, I am really pleased with the site and outcome. I’ve received many positive comments from students, saying that they think the site really reflects who I am. It also has given me a bigger platform to serve the yoga community.

If you’re considering working with Casper, consider no more! Go for it!

Jan Campbell / Jen Campbell Yoga

Maureen McRae – Nurture Health & Wellness

I was feeling the strong pull to revamp the website of my business. It was created for the previous owner over three years ago. Even though I was ready for a change, and had been for many months, I  felt lost in a sea of options. Where to begin? Who do I choose to bring forward my website into full alignment with my vision? I felt overwhelmed. Technology isn’t really my thing. I’m a healer!

Casper was recommended to me by a friend who had utilized his services.  I loved her website and my intuition said YES! I really had no idea where to start or what it was that I actually wanted. I knew how I wanted it to feel but that was about it. Casper and I had a discussion on the phone to explore the options and see if we were a fit. He knew exactly what questions to ask and from there was able to articulate my vision.

My website was created in a timely manner. Casper communicated clearly with me on an ongoing basis. I knew exactly what he was doing every step of the way. I was fully supported. His work exceeded my expectations. He nailed it! He created the most beautiful, high vibe, website!

In addition to his web design skills, Casper creates from the heart. This becomes obvious as you work with him and see the end result. I believe this is what really sets him apart from other web designers. He loves his work.

In addition to creating my website I have chosen to engage his services for ongoing maintenance and support. I have no doubt that this will be a great partnership. I highly recommend Casper!

Michelle Phelan – Maui SUP Yoga

I was not the usual client. I had a vision for my nutrition business but no foundation or structure for my website. Casper patiently guided me and waited for me to be inspired while diligently building the amazing website I was visualizing.

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to purchase a floating Stand-UP Paddle Board (SUP) Yoga Studio on Maui and all of the sudden things were in fast mode! I needed a beautiful and clean website and quick!

Casper quickly switched gears, not missing a beat and headed me and my new business in the right direction with everything from marketing, design, social media plug-ins, payment platforms, emails, and also worked well with my other business partner whom he had never spoke with or met! That is phenomenal!

Now, less than two months later, we have a beautiful website that is performing like a charm already and clients booking as we speak. It was the best website-building experience I could have ever imagined. Casper was available whenever I had a question, or wanted to make changes, usually within minutes, or just a few hours. I feel I have found a friend in Casper who is able to build my vision into a real business.

Thank you Casper!

Michelle Phelan /

Daniela Mannucci – Your Sacred Jewel

“This was my first go at a website, and honestly, I had always been a little weary of creating a site because technology and all this internet stuff just isn’t something I am good at. I found Casper through the Heart of Business Foundations II course because it was there that I learned how to move the deep information I wanted to convey to my people, my clients from out of my heart and mind and onto the screen.

When I met Casper, I instantly connected with him. I resonated straight away with his kind and gentle heart and then with his understanding of the kind of message and energy I wanted my site to reflect.

He really got me, my energy, my message and the beauty that I so wanted my site to have. I believe Casper has the gift of connecting in with his client’s essence in order to bring their vision to completion.

He was quick to pick up on the spiritual quality and beauty that I wanted to bring into the site with a not so easy subject – the healing of lingering painful childhood events in present day adult life.

And, I also knew it wasn’t easy to find someone that was so skillful with their work as Casper is and have them resonate so incredibly with your own essence. I feel really lucky to have been able to work with him through an endless amount of refining, corrections and tiny details that he has always been so graciously open to working with me through. This has been priceless.

And, he has very willingly given me his time, endless patience and generosity of spirit even through the technical stuff that has been so difficult for me to understand. This has so helped me feel more confident in getting my site up on line without worrying that I’m alone if I get stuck.

The end result is that I have a website that I absolutely love, it’s simple and straightforward, and it is beautiful and expresses my work in a way that is light, beautiful and real….. and funny enough, many people who know me have said, this is so you!

If you want to have a website that truly reflects the work you love to do, then hire Casper. You will love his work!”

Daniela Mannucci /

Barry Portney

“Facing website design, I carried a fragile vision, some copy, and a determination for my work to be seen more broadly. I needed to share this vulnerability with someone who would collaborate and inspire greater confidence, clarity, and aesthetic expression.

From our very first contact, I found Casper a good listener, and he responded using digital resources beyond my capacities matching my vision. We worked together over a number of months exchanging ideas and shaping the creative expression.

When I look at the website I am very aware and grateful for Casper’s hand in its architecture- I could not have done it alone- and yet when others see it, they say it sounds and looks just like me.

I cannot imagine a better outcome.”

Barry Portney /

Lisa Feder – Being Well Yoga

“I was badly in need of a website overhaul, yet hesitant due to time and money concerns. I am so glad that I got over that and worked with Casper–the process was painless, the cost was reasonable (a great value, actually), and now I have a website I am truly proud of. I am not someone who has a lot of patience with this type of project, yet with Casper leading the charge, I actually looked forward to our meetings. Casper has great ideas, and is also very patient and a skilled listener–I really feel like he “got” what I was going for and translated that into a beautiful site that is easy to use, informative and engaging. He provided quick turnaround for changes, and took the time to train me on how to manage the website. Casper is smart, quietly energetic, and a pleasure to work with–the whole experience was really sweet and even fun!

If you need a new website, you need Casper. I’m so glad I connected with him. You will be too!”

Lisa Feder / Being Well Yoga

Dr. Dana Leigh Lyons – Alchemist Eating


“I’d only worked with one other web designer in the past, and the experience was not the best one. With the other designer, the finished product turned out alright but wasn’t what I really wanted and didn’t feel aligned with my Heart or my holistic medicine practice. What’s more, the other designer was especially unresponsive to my requests and desired changes during the process. Eventually, I sort of “gave up” and figured “this will have to do.”

In part because of that experience, I was never completely happy with our original website. This, along with transformational shifts in my business model and medical practice, led me to seek out Casper.  

Working with Casper was a completely different experience from working with the previous designer. Casper’s work is outstanding, as are his communication skills, responsiveness and turn-around time (not to mention his endless patience for my many, many questions and requests!). 

Casper not only created the website I envisioned. He also made it way better than it would have otherwise been by asking “big-picture” questions about what, exactly, I was hoping to achieve and what, exactly, I wanted site visitors to notice and do once they got there. His guidance in these pivotal areas helped me re-focus during times when I was fixated on details (though his attention to detail was excellent as well!). He also helped me manifest my vision of a site that conveyed my somewhat complicated, serious message while still reflecting the “clean,” “minimalist” look I was going for.

I honestly can’t say enough good things about Casper and Websites for Hippies. I now have a beautiful website that’s totally aligned with my Heart and my practice and truly better than I could’ve ever imagined.”

Dr. Dana Leigh Lyons
Brett Holland, Island Rolfing

“I am very happy with my new website that was put together by Casper. It is much more professional than my original site and I am receiving ongoing compliments from my clients that use the site. The biggest advantage in having Casper work on my site was that he really cared about getting it right. I was amazed at the time he spent researching my business and refining my business content so that it could be easily understood by the public. He did a wonderful job of expressing my message clearly and professionally. I would not hesitate for a second in recommending Casper for any website development.”

Nathalie Stowe / Luminescence Spa and Yoga Studio

“I wholeheartedly recommend Casper and Websites for Hippies to anyone wanting a first class, fun, efficient and engaging experience. Casper thinks “outside of the box.” I started this project with just a few vague ideas about what I needed. I wanted to tell the world about myself and my business, but I had no experience with website design or the creative process involved.

Casper has excellent listening, communication and people skills. With his clarifying guidance, amazing intuition, creativity and 100% “presence”, Casper was able to magically bring it all together. He was able to combine the mind, heart and soul aspects of my business in order to create a beautiful website for which I have received nothing but positive feedback.

The entire process was absolutely delightful and continues to be positively surprising. I am so grateful to be in such good hands!

I think CASPER stands for: Creative – Amazing – Skilled – Professional – Efficient and Reliable.”

Todd Smith / Registered Massage Therapist

“Casper and Websites for Hippies are amazing. I was referred to Casper and my experience working with him has been enlightening. Casper is very intuitive and extremely helpful with extracting my vision and putting it online in the form of my amazing new website. Casper helped with great creative ideas and his professional opinion was spot on in creating a website that has received nothing but positive feedback and wow’s. I highly recommend Casper and Websites For Hippies to anyone looking to create an informative, functional work of art.”

Joyce Barwis / Masters Level Registered Clinical Counsellor

“It is without hesitation that I recommend Casper. My experience was first class.He was organized and responded promptly to any of my questions or changes that were needed. His expertise brought it all together into a finished product that will optimize my business.”

Mary Arbique Vogel / Clinical Social Worker

“There are three keys to working with anyone – their ability to listen, engagement and follow-up; Casper demonstrates all three. He heard what I was saying and answered a multitude of questions. Casper was collaboratively engaged while building my website, showing infinite patience for what I was trying to achieve. Casper is consistently available following up with me, either to tweak the site, or to answer yet another question I have. Indeed the process was and is effortless.”

Devina Singh / RSW, MSW, MSc.

“I started with core ideas, concepts and a ‘feel’ of what I wanted the final product to be, and he used his astute creative intuition and advanced technical knowledge to articulate an excellently-designed product. I have to say that Casper went above and beyond many past developers with whom I have worked. He continually tweaked my website to his high standards, patiently attended to my design modifications and added features that I had not dreamed of! Casper got it right. The creative process between clients and designers is a relationship between hearts and minds. Casper was able to balance both qualities in a professional and gracious manner. Thank you!”

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