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Web Design for Holistic Practitioners
and Heart-Based Businesses

We love people who want to make a difference in the world, or their little corner of it. If this sounds like you, we can help.

Having a website that resonates with your tribe, and makes you proud can be a beautiful thing. However, crafting a site that perfectly represents you, aligns with your heart and vision can be challenging.

You might be frustrated with technology, or tried your hand at it and discovered it was not your friend. Perhaps you’re looking for guidance and expertise. Maybe you simply want to spend more time working with your clients and on you business, instead of crawling the web for colour schemes, perfect images, and wrestling with WordPress.

There’s a better way

With all the services and templates available these days, it’s easy to “get a website.” You can also rub your own shoulders, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get a good massage. The difference is understanding, experience, and expertise.

We can help align your uniqueness, services, and message, enabling you to effectively connect with your ideal customer.

“Casper creates from the heart. This becomes obvious as you work with him and see the end result. I believe this is what really sets him apart from other web designers. He loves his work.”

Maureen McRae, Nurture Health & Wellness Owner

When we say “hippies,” we don’t just mean energy healers or chakra balancers, although we love them too! We also mean conscious entrepreneurs such as practitioners in the healing arts, life coaches, mentors, authors, public speakers and heart-based business owners (you know who you are). We’ve worked with acupuncturists, chiropractors, clinical counsellors, massage therapists, yoga teachers, nutritionists, bodyworkers, poets, dog groomers, and even travel agencies. If you put an extra bit of your heart and yourself into your business, you’re in the right place.

At Websites for Hippies, we understand today’s technologies and we understand amazing people like you.

Does any of this sound like you?

  • You spend too much time on your website. When you want to do something new, it takes you hours.
  • You are sometimes overwhelmed with choices. Whenever you make a decision, it seems like there are twenty more.
  • You have tried some free website tools. They cramp your style and end up looking like everyone else’s.
  • Colour schemes, fonts, graphics, and layouts just aren’t your schtick.
  • You want to create meaningful content without getting stuck on technical details.
  • Your business is growing, and you need more advanced things like shopping carts, etc.

Help is here! Our report will reveal today’s eight most common website blunders. It will help you identify and clarify where your website may be out of alignment. You will also receive practical advice on how to clarify your message, connect with your tribe and get your website’s groove back.

“Casper’s understanding of the holistic field, marketing background and obvious gift for website design made him the perfect person to design my website. He got in touch with me right away, answered all my questions in such a friendly and kind manner that he immediately put me at ease.”

Joan Coughlin, Holistic Health Coach

We craft a great user experience that aligns with your business goals.
View our approach and discover how we create an “Aligned Website.”

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