Casper Blackwell

Heart-Centered Website Design

I’ve been a hippy since childhood; that’s me rocking a fashionable peace symbol on my funky pullover circa 1970-something. My teenage years with a Commodore 64 computer paved the way to a career in information technology. Eventually, I spent eleven years in a soul-sucking cubical farm, pounding the keyboard.

As the voice of my inner hippy continued to grow louder and louder, it could no longer be ignored. So I embarked upon an exploration of the many facets of alternative and holistic health.

On my journey, I have sampled and studied all things hippy from Ayurveda to Yin Therapy and over fifty paths in between. I am trained as a Registered Nutritionist, Certified Medical Qi Gong Practitioner, and I operated a private practice in Vancouver, BC. I was also co-owner of an international training and development company which fine tuned my understanding of marketing.

With one foot in the traditional world of business and the other in the heart-based world, I know how to bring them together. I have been through the highs and lows of marketing hippy-dippy modalities in the real world, with over two decades of knowledge and experience. I personally know the liberation of breaking free and the joy of pursuing heartfelt passions.

Along the way, I discovered that some of the most meaningful experiences turned out to be the hardest to find, and frustrating to learn about. It quickly became clear to me that a lot of gifted gurus knew very little about marketing, and websites in particular. So, I found my calling, and Websites For Hippies was born.

  • In alignment with my beliefs and pursuits, I want to do more than just build your website
  • In alignment with my commitment to being a heart-center business, I want to help others become heart-centred too
  • In alignment with my expertise in technology, I want to help others who find it difficult
  • … And do it all with hippy lovingkindness

If you peeked into my office you’d likely see:

  • My cats Max and Min cuddled together
  • Me developing design ideas in the lotus position
  • A bottle of GT’s Kombucha sitting on my desk
  • My beautiful Buddhist thangka (painting)
  • One of my many yoga mats
  • My collection of Apple gadgets

Help is here! Our report will reveal today’s eight most common website blunders. It will help you identify and clarify where your website may be out of alignment. You will also receive practical advice on how to clarify your message, connect with your tribe and get your website’s groove back.