You Are Your Best Asset!

 In Marketing, Your Uniqueness

Beyond service offerings, logistics, client experience, demographics and psychographics there is often a forgotten aspect in business: you!

It’s easy to forget that customers don’t just want a product or service. They also want you. Be it massage, acupuncture sessions, artisan chocolates, or anything else, it’s you that is unique. We each have an essence, or “fitre” as the Sufi’s call it. It lives in our hearts. We like to call it your “heart light.”

We have worked with hundreds of holistic and alternative health practitioners over the years. Many do the same “work” as others, yet each offered a distinct experience.

You might say that each shared his or her own essence, or “heart light.” When that essence is shared and combined with another person’s it can create a magical and memorable moment. This is what keeps clients coming back to become your biggest fans and marketing force.

Your “heart light” is yours alone. So, there is really no competition. That should feel like a big relief. Even if someone else offers the same exact service, you will still be a one-of-a-kind.

To shine a little brighter, take the time to get clear and reconnect with yourself. This could mean listening to some music that inspires you, going for a walk somewhere special, playing with your pets or children, getting out into nature, or simply spending some time with friends or family.

Getting clear makes thinks happen. For example when we ourselves feel clear we’ll often get a call “out of the blue” from a former client wanting to work with us again. Surprise referrals resulting in new clients are not uncommon.

So, instead of spending too much time learning things like Google Analytics, or other techno distractions, take a little time to discover more about you and what makes you shine.

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  • Dana Leigh Lyons

    Thank you, Casper! First read this as part of your ebook–which, as a whole, was super-helpful and validating. But re-reading is a wonderful, reassuring reminder. Lifts the imagined weight of competition with “all those others” out there. Helps me exhale and rest in what I have to offer.

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